Anhui Jingyi Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Specialist for Automatic CNC glass cutting lines. The company has rich manufacturing experience, strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, and won the trust and support of customers with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.
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    Full automatic glass cutting equipment

    glass cutting line


    ultra-thin 必威中文版_必威体育官方竞猜

    circular shape cutting machine

    semi-automatic 必威中文版_必威体育官方竞猜

    Automatic glass loading machine

    double turn automatic glass loading machine

    single turn automatic glass loading machine

    all-in-one automatic 必威中文版_必威体育官方竞猜

    transmission platform

    Glass cutting machine, glass loading machine’s accessories

    cutter box

    cutter wheels

    glass cutter

    double guide column cutter box

    round shape’s cutter holder assembly

    U-shaped cutter holder

    alloy cutter wheel

    loading machine’s suction cup

    PU roller

    round shape’s cutter holder

    Glass washing machine and accessories

    cleaning machine

    roller’s brush, etc


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    Add:1901 Longhua Road, Huaishang District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province
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    Anhui Jingyi Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

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